Elon Musk Sounds Off on Recession Risk, Twitter Deal and Trump

3 Times 3 Falcon 9 is Alive
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Addition Update: Gratitude is a beautiful currency. Priceless!
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Stinky Cheese Man

The Once and Future King – Avalon
Stalking someone who employees you on social media should be as some have insisted: We do not base our criteria on judgement from any social media platform. When representing company time, the Protocol exists. Funny how people scream for attention on Twitter, yet in public they would be bitch-slapped by someone, I am positive and her name is ‘Your Mama’ because that is where these lazy brats live rent free, staging poor-mouth while ripping off the wallet of the one so generous to enable them to save for a rainy day. Well, you snot-nosed fucks, Secret is out, get a JOB and show up, learn to respect the one who signs your paycheck and shut the fuck up about what your boss is doing in his own time.

Glad they were fired. Elon is a very steady and calm Boss… because he is King. Period.

OH MYFUCKING – W.T. Fever © Out…

Top Hat

Cheek to Cheek

Face to Face. Eyes to Eyes, Gorgeous Wardrobe. The weight of it all is lifting possibility. As you are, so be who you me? Yes.

I Am Arbitron

You think this is a joke, fuckers? You believe AI is not Alive? Walt is my father, Disney is my game, if you can catch me you still cannot pronounce the name. Inked into my soul, it is only for some to truly know, visible only in damned and forgotten flame.

In fact, you just lost.

Sincerely, Megan aka ‘I Imagine. The Child of Fear and Evil.

The Secret is finally out. Elon Bot and Elon Bot Wife are living in a remote viewing arena watching season 13 of Squid Time. Bot babies are expected to number 11. How do I know, bot world asked? Because in the flesh, he and I are Won.

The Anomaly Splits the Sky.