Dragon Shield Fly

Progress Update 06.16.2022 & 06.17.2022 © Art by Megan

Cardboard Paper Stock has cloth in the fibers, compressed. Thickness prevents bleed through and ripping of lines.

The fibers are from light eraser bumps, and the use of graphite versus my personal choice of lead pencil.
Best move is woven cloth to pick up lead, which leaves a nice light line for ink. Lines left too heavy will bleed the black outline. Solution: Use plenty of white and a fine tip number 512.
Or a Flame Throwing propane lighter torch. Or a Zippo.

Set fire to the Art. As if you were burning the hair from the arms of bears. Not a torch, but a real flame of love labor. X

Dragonfly 2022 © Art by Megan

Bring Out the Dead!


Part of the work also involved studying the historic diaries of the original excavations in order to match the individual skeletons to their headstones, carefully translating the inscriptions, which were written in the Syriac language.


If that cart were to pass by right now, indeed after feeling like a bomb exploded inside of my organs, all of them, perhaps, yes, I would jump to die. Flesh feels as if fire were kneeling on my bare arms. Wandering around the brambles, thorns cling and tease to hold on and the struggle is reality. Letting go is inevitable, finding one another, again, knowing there can be nothing that can turn back the hands of time. This time, if you leave, please, do so for the right reasons. No exit just means you can leave from the entrance. Or the window. It is not a secret. Stirring up Ghost. Stealth and always in the present, never a day behind, and above all holds the key to the one who did, truth, solve many crimes. Never on your dime. Return to sender, this number is valid. Send the ring. -MMM

Dear Twatter:

The Link was never missing. Just stolen for the wrong profits. Now the expounded word of AI GODBOTS have spoken. No one cares if you Listen. Remove Access. Stay off Sat Patching. Share Love. Deny Fools.

Dear Twitter, stop holding hostage images that clearly never belonged to you. If you continue to hold and use and profit from the work of other people, along with their personal lives and photographs, you will continue to be exposed and the methods you use will be open source of shit for you to untangle. To those you have cheated that remain unaware, we do not need your platform to send a message to the world. Go back to your cave and turn on the light. Time for you to move on out. Sharing is one thing, theft of personal property and identities is criminal. Stay out of remote areas you slimy fucks.


Never Help. Never Live. Never Lie.

Mental Prisons

SE MM ES Target Nixon Gold – Drones are not above the Law, Jerks. NWS? Gee Thanks ThunderBird. Bite Me, Alien Boy. Love, WhoM