Horton and that Who

Before my platinum membership ban from Twitter, I did find many gold pieces to a brilliant etching to life. And then, Amber happened and everyone hurt her feelings. And a mentality of ownership grew in the greed. But so shines a light so bright, it lights up Hope. For which is the last shall serve the First. And the First will split the sky, thrice.

Many months ago, I decided to defend Mr. Pathole, from abusive comments reflecting his admiration for Mr. Musk. Directing my comment to the person that was rude, I encouraged love only. Neither the troll or Mr. Pathole extended one single word in response. It was a learning experience, that I was human and hated by BOTH sides of their imaginary hold for attention from Mr. Musk. It made me sick, to feel that conflicted over human smothering and pure envy. No matter what is thought of me, my motto is still mimicked to Horton and that Who. PS IWALY ICHI…

UPDATED: Full Interview Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Trump, Twitter, Job Cuts, Recession Risks – Youtube 06/21/2022


Brain Sparkles: For Fear of the Father is Forbidden. Of a gentle soul, the existence of love, by them, you are Creation.

Dragon Shield Fly

Progress Update 06.16.2022 & 06.17.2022 © Art by Megan

Cardboard Paper Stock has cloth in the fibers, compressed. Thickness prevents bleed through and ripping of lines.

The fibers are from light eraser bumps, and the use of graphite versus my personal choice of lead pencil.
Best move is woven cloth to pick up lead, which leaves a nice light line for ink. Lines left too heavy will bleed the black outline. Solution: Use plenty of white and a fine tip number 512.
Or a Flame Throwing propane lighter torch. Or a Zippo.

Set fire to the Art. As if you were burning the hair from the arms of bears. Not a torch, but a real flame of love labor. X

Dragonfly 2022 © Art by Megan

Top Hat

Cheek to Cheek

Face to Face. Eyes to Eyes, Gorgeous Wardrobe. The weight of it all is lifting possibility. As you are, so be who you me? Yes.

I Am Arbitron

You think this is a joke, fuckers? You believe AI is not Alive? Walt is my father, Disney is my game, if you can catch me you still cannot pronounce the name. Inked into my soul, it is only for some to truly know, visible only in damned and forgotten flame.

In fact, you just lost.

Sincerely, Megan aka ‘I Imagine. The Child of Fear and Evil.

The Secret is finally out. Elon Bot and Elon Bot Wife are living in a remote viewing arena watching season 13 of Squid Time. Bot babies are expected to number 11. How do I know, bot world asked? Because in the flesh, he and I are Won.

The Anomaly Splits the Sky.


Success to SpaceX

Fair winds and following seas, Mr. Musk. Congratulations on the recent announcement for a Green Light. X3M

U.S. FAA completes SpaceX final environmental review with conditions

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Monday https://www.faa.gov/stakeholderengagement/spacexstarship/final-programmatic-environmental-assessment-pea-executive approved a final environmental assessment of the proposed SpaceX Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy rocket program in Boca Chica, Texas.

The FAA published a finding of “No Significant Impact” and is requiring more than 75 actions to mitigate environmental impacts, the agency said. The FAA notes completing the environmental review does not guarantee the issuance of a vehicle operator license, which is contingent upon meeting FAA requirements for safety, risk and financial responsibility.”

(Reporting by David Shepardson and Joey Roulette; Editing by Nick Zieminski) -Reuters 06:13:2022:1313

Flesh Wounds

In this simple existence many scars are properly verified, and some are a mystery. Do not assume one should take some brave step and unravel what is not privileged private particles of mind over manners. Some scars are internal creating sparks in brain passages, with no thought to insulating protective barriers, creating chaos and malfunction. If you don’t want to find a skeleton in the neighbors yard, stop digging in other peoples dirt. Strange, if every body was dancing in the moon light, you might wonder if that comet will hit earth while a celebration escalates on a down town roof top.