Stalking Order

In the event there were to be an “Order to Stalking,” I, Megan, still am on top. So let us hit rock bottoms and get the needle out of the straw. The thread would be as follows:

› W.T. Fever is stalking SpaceX Rockets › SpaceX is not fiction, even though rumors indicate Elon Musk might be an Alie’n › Stephen King is, ‘his last name’ and the one WHO controls Jack › › › I am Boo › › › And I am not bored. But it appears Elon is stalking Stephen in the form of a Ghost, maybe a mon-ghost – so my verification is certainly valid if I say, maybe the Two should go questing for a certain beast. After all, I – Enigma holds the Key to USEM.

Never mind the babble of towering doom.

Damn… he stalking my dude SK… maybe “there a new sheriff in town” to return order to all the resistors.

When asked how one obtains a blue check after having a permanent suspension, lie, like a Cry Baby – Lie! Write Johnna? Preach it sister, get your money honey. Wrap that wire around your vocals and scream out… no-one fucking cares! – W.T. Fever; SMXIII Editor Misquotes

W.T. Fever © 2022 SMXIII


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