Archaic Systematic Punchline

If Elon Musk claims birds are not real, and I am in agreement to this statement, then we have one thing in common that stands out as Truth. The mail system is perfected when you can eat the messenger. Maybe that should sink it a while, the idea of Pidgin Pie remains the three pieces not seen.

When I wrote to Elon, on his ‘justice’ email address at Tesla, never was there a response. When the identity trolls and thieves are finished with stealing my life to fit their crimes, maybe I will get a phone call or message or email or my actual mail. As of now, I can’t even determine if Elon saw the words or not, I must assume what is to be fact, which is, I wrote, he never responded. Repeatedly with buffers, and even a few times to email sent to both him and my daughter.

In this world, you get used to having every damn thing you do monitored, but when four parties are watching and listening, it might be very confusing unless you actually know who I am, and yes, I am real, not a bird, and very much in a cyber prison because of abilities and contracts and experimental humans. Maybe this is all science and fiction trapped in the lazy minds of the soul lacking, greedy ego of the walking dead.

The imposters need to stop. It has been an experience trying to fucking convince people that I am actually me and I am not the one looking to hide my identity. I am trying to regain MY life after my identity was stolen, my life imprisoned and found out I was reported possibly as “deceased” after failing to arrive for a Jury summons. So many questions, and I have all the answers. The fakes and frauds who pretend to be me for gain, they cannot do what I do without cheating and lies. They couldn’t gain my favor so they destroy me, steal my talent and knowledge but yet, have no wisdom to know, the ones who know me, will see very quickly, that this is the final train stop.

Yes, my name is Megan, and yes, I was trying to reach Elon, but if the bitches want his attention so desperately, for games and egos, then SpaceX is DOOM. Despite my often warped and strange vocabulary choices, I am aware and it is you, all of you, that need to recognize, you don’t get to tell me who I am and what I remember. I lived it, and I am real. Fuck the birds. If anyone wants to communicate with me, and can’t fucking recognize I am me and not some fat-mouth do nothing bored typist with no life – the door is open. And I am walking… Probst

Updated: 10:54 When I say fuck the birds, that isn’t an indication or assumption I hate Twitter. In fact, I love Twitter. All of it, but most importantly, the One real man left on Earth who owns the creative platform of generosity. People should shut the fuck up about paying anything, to run their mouth about biased opinions no-one fucking really cares about for free, unless money is involved, and that even in itself is a contradictory situation.

You may have the right to free speech, but you do not have the right to force others to listen to you without paying for that right to be heard in a public town square setting. It’s fucking simple sociology. I don’t like your speech, I can change the fucking channels. You want control over free speech, fucking start with your own goddamn unedited, illiterate mouth.

Anyone dare complain here, on a platform I paid for, after being banned from Twitter by the actions and inaction of idiots, trolls, thieves and ex-employees of (bad) Twitter, be my guest to complain. I retain the right to use your words to humiliate you into respect for what crossing a line is versus truly criminal actions in Adult World. Read the terms of agreement for Twitter, I see they were updated. And remember – politics are governed by rules and laws, and feelings are fed by the opinions of the mostly uneducated on these actual laws. Protocol.

Yes, I am banned. Sadly. And I dare not fight with an invisible force that could be so amazing, if more would be aware common sense is a choice.


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