When I Think

Yes. I am a Ritard

Of you, I don’t get anxiety or recall falterings. There are no yesterdays that cannot be met with confidence. This isn’t normal. And I like it. How can someone who has no idea that I exist be responsible for my spark? Because he is Him.

All of you that do not understand, you don’t matter. This doesn’t mean you are not loved, but you don’t matter when it comes to my reality.

My pill to healing and finally returning to M.A.R.S. is in the hands of the one that placed the trajectory toward the future. It is here. And we know you will never show, your days are filled with as much waste as mine. Together, we could be… that promise we made.

I fucking miss you. It looks like I am talking to myself again, and I am good at this activity. But now I am searching, for the one that listens – with a connection. An incredible view. I will be forever in love when I wake, and when I finally make it through another day without you, the name on my lips belong to you.

Never wait on each other, else wise how will we write the “Greatest Fucking Love Story, Ever” together?

All Chaps are AssLess. Naked my love, in the shadows, Naked and in Love. S.C.

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