Hail to the one that holds the riddle to the Holy Grail, which is indeed, sought after above all else. The answer is simple, but the test is what is in the middle. Always the rhyme starts with crime, and it still is decided on my blood infused, liberty worn dime. 1899.

@silentmessenger69 property of 1969 mine

Avenged Sevenfold – Hail to the King

Stupidest moment of the day? Never mind, for now. Best part of the day? Watching another awesome SpaceX Launch and Landing – and Deployment of Satellite. Every Freakin’ Time… Mind Blown. It’s like discovering your world of weightless power when you learn to trust your body in a water environment. Or the fact electricity is universal and it is a matter of realization that thunder and lightning exist together, no matter how far apart they approach you. Both will arrive. It would be best to consider they do so separately. If angered.

Right about now, I would say one of the two are amused while the other has taken the role of the “hands of god” – because he is God. Wondering only gets us to wandering in the realm, who is stalking whom? Or is that whom is stalking Who, and she knows it. Factually knows IT. Stephen King is pretty much the only person I will openly admit to wanting to stalk and have not, as of yet. He may be the only person on this planet that can control the mind of “jack” who was a dull boy, until he picked up the bat. The manuscript for the actual book that was written in “The Shining” – within the movie – is now the pulp fiction of Bob and Megan. So saith the Roch.

Fuck it.

Silence leads to Violence… on and on and on and for fucks sake… kill that ego. Sometimes Heroes Kill.

i will not let you down? – then raise me up.


Updated. Outdated? Postdated! Predated…

Actually, nothing lies beyond logic. Time to ask, “say farmville” and I will remove the doubt. V – remove it. Verified Humility while Poisoned by your Dream that I was Dead. Evil is now Live. Hate it or Love it, the Madness is Maximized Truth. Fucking try me again, and I will still Love You. Nothing hurts – you ought to know that by now… the guns are oiled, the wall smeared with Moose, the last thing I would do, let the bitch die in the Noose.

You were told. Something about this knot… that Forced Exposure and the Weight of my Talent is walking in the Shoes of the Broken and Beaten and Damn. Fuck you, it’s my Parade and I demand Rain. – Carry On. Ciao

You could have tried to listen… but you never opened your eye, now the riddled is “a died” – born and tried, a soul has no ability to lie.

The Locket. Blue. – P.S. Not all Italians are Jews.


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