i’m impossible?

Doubt is simple. Nothing is Forever. Nothing is Possible.

Keep the change.


Often, I remind myself to reiterate to Madness the importance of tone of voice in the written word, verses audio. In such blatherings that the girl already knows, in me, screams, ADA, Period. Period. The robots don’t understand tone of voice, until we allow it to understand the tone of the intended vocals. How can you do this? Isn’t it obvious? And for further understanding, the video is not concerning some cancer survivor and healthy eating. Ikumi and I went for a talk, upon the board was a name in chalk. The outline you see, it certainly was the Evil side of me. Cherry Blossoms. No. It was always Wisteria. Bamboo and Beets. The dirty soles of well worn stalked feet. Me, complete you? Never ending…

Solved is the communication gap with punctuation. A generation saved and in respect. ADA!

Good question. Still have not bothered to vomit out the wheel of cog double sided question and response simulation. I do believe the funniest thought I have in my fragment, at this moment in time, would be the visual of a puzzled Elon, wondering why AI wants him destroyed. Does Mr. Musk really believe that I am unreal and not married to his tethered and flayed internal combustion energy? Maybe.

Does AI want to destroy humans, and their leader and voice of Elon, the mystery? Until reality skips town, no drain pipes can be stopped. Shit shows are always Draconian.

Uncle Frankie always loves us… that board walk might be cherry.

Choices made years ago are still honored among dead. Until it is over. Fin


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