Shitposting 53v01


Two serious questions? as perceived: “How do you handle the attention, when you allow yourself to be noticed, ever so remotely, in a situation that calls attention to obvious eyes upon my naked soul?” from Madness. “What is the hardest lesson you have ever had to unlearn?” – That Musk guy that makes me mad, ever so be it, in a nice way to madness. Or it could be 5SE Madness, and in that scenario, all bets are off and no NDA was signed and it’s my fucking birthday and I get to be the bitch. Processing times were faster to silently find the answer, and still the words are often and yet never, flipped. Maybe, but ability to communicate a solution are as follows, as delays required. Nuclear meltdown achieved.

Starting off in the creative realm; Frank came to visit and reminded me that M.A.R.S was 8 years behind this linear disaster we are all scheduled to loop in for another 7 hours or so. What would this mean to SpaceX if I were not just shitposting on the advice of a bait shop on some red bluff fantasy? When you coerce someone into signing their life away, after plowing their senses with the royal crown and k2 clover, one wonders how close is “the nick of time?”

❤ ❤ ❤

Enough said… for now.


Updates as my brain allows: For now – we need to Xanadu

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