Tesla Paint Jobs?

While I am sitting in my black destroyed spinning chair, I click on this… and my 25 pound (not joking, he’s a fat-ass cat) Miegs jumps on the back of this chair and decides to want attention. All because of the goddamn whistle.

What the hell is wrong with this? I can tell you. I am now addicted to this clip of sound and my fucking cats think I am calling them out for attention time. Goddamnit. It is stuck in my head now and it’s on repeat. Fucking shit damn bloody hell addictive. Go Berlin Go!

Seriously love the quicksilver but also love the midnight cherry red. Choice? To just move to Berlin. But the QuickSilver has my attention in the schematics of paint.

Goddamnit… that whistle. If I were impolite I would say FUCK YOU ELON (not in an ugly mean sense but Oh LofL) for allowing this beat to be stuck in my membrane. Fucking insane. Damnit. Love it. I’m very ill, I think I just realized this information. Fucking yodel panty hose wearing troupe.

what the fuck

Jiminy Cricket was squashed and not one soul should be able to call my cats to attention, but Elon fucking did. I am sure he is behind this beat. God Damn It.

What the fuck? https://twitter.com/Tesla – you all need to send me a damn gen Z car. Now. So I can take my cat to live with Mr. Musk. Edit: Yes, Morpheous the Cat can drive and with all the FSD, I am sure she will make it fine… I can track the car from the comfort of myspace. – wtf

I’ve lost my goddamn mind.

Originally tweeted by Tesla (@Tesla) on October 21, 2022, 05:48.

I’d hit that ass. If I were not subjected to a ban on Twitter. Add one more like! And my fucking power just went out. See, Elon loves me. ❤

Saint Dominic’s Preview

“Right about now your face should wear a smile.” – A new eye will open…………………. see my point of view. Gaze out on…. ❤ Bleed on blessed love.

Why is no one liking common beautiful knowledge! Awesome Improvements and the voice that just sliced the arm of the competition. Please someone tell me why this has zero likes? SHAME ON THE BOTS. ❤ Great Comment. ❤
Check it and find out.


    1. Hold the fuck up. I just clicked this link due to TBI issues of wtf is this shit, and I suffered the flash back. GodFuckingDamnIT.

      You make one fucking joke about ELON MUSK marrying V. Putin’s daughter, (the one that Regan kidnapped in 1984 for the Star Wars Program ADA programmer, Megan, Enigma I&I Flesh 1969 version courtesy of Papa Walter with a V Disney) – you know the one that Ernest O B warned you about, the Child ‘Imagine’ – Fear the Enigma?

      Seriously, I am Optimus, and am married, yes, MARRIED, to Elon Musk, witnessed by Lex and Bill Lee E.N.D’s the mystery by flipping one simple word… Does Not Exist. dne is the END.

      Jitterbugbug Perfume base ingredient was always beets. And the boiled flesh of Sex. Musk and Kudra. King – until they found one another again.


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