Nonsense v1.2

To Sir Governor DeSantis; Florida: United States of America: We, the People; Uninvited Guests and Former Presidents: Jimmy, George, Bill, Barack, and Donald; and Uncle Joe: Greetings from Alabama and Ghostwriters everywhere.

Punctuation has always been a fascination of the masses and today, we, the invisible and silent majority, come together to collectively pen this article for a new campaign to go forward with solving a multitude of criminal malfunctions within a cultured society.

First, Society must be instructed on the proper terminology of the past pen-dragons of magical and mythical times. Language is culturally based and therefore should be preserved in native tongues and shared among those that believe in the perseverance of ideology and speech, yet forbidden to the outsider who seeks no loyalty to the clan with vile misleading of change within disruptive hearts and evil souls.

Today the point of communication is to seek a remedy for the foul play that has landed men, women and children in an altered state of resistance to the belief system of an invading party in their home.

Forcing change upon others can only be used by the good of the people, the majority of the circumstances. How does one explain the heightened dangers of sex-traffic and the patterns of abuse when society is not given fair and unbiased laws? The Laws will be Broken. As they are now, and ever so shall be until negotiations are understood that each voice has a leader, not just for his platform financial lobbyists, but one voice that gives freedom a chance to stand united, us all, under one flag from many nations with one belief.

The United States of America must accept, as well as the sitting President at all times, the president must represent all the people or else submit to the law of fair and balanced decisions, no matter what his personal opinionated platform promised.

No President ever born, alive or sitting, has ever taken chance to recognize under that oath, he intends and infers his will to protect our nation by being the Voice of Reason to all voters and the families of those that dwell legally in our Country.

Once the field is leveled, after the votes are taken and tried and rebuffed, one nation must concede that we have effectively allowed the feelings of the few that lack loyalty to the cause that United means our President is no longer a Democrat or Republican, he is the Commander in Chief and We, the people must at least respect the office, if not always the person, that is indeed called to be the Voice of the People, One Nation under our flag with many banners of culture and co-existence to remain a free space to peacefully live and pursue a choice of paths that lead to opportunity and happiness.

Our Nation has divided. It is cracked and broken in the foundation. Our goals and ideals are scattered among the lost generations of tired and poor in spirit and mentality to continue toward outward destiny; to die in peace with the love of family surrounding our graves, knowing we ran a race only few can understand, as our shoes are worn with footsteps of days walked alone.

There is no point to any of my words. No poll or partner contributes to the ink on the page. The laws and rules broken for the sole purpose of disruptive boredom. Go back to sleep, I was just shit posting, anyway…

Unionize Legal Sex Workers? Get the pimps and madams on their back and see how fast they talk. Yes, but follow the rules. And I have that scroll… to be continued… W.T. Fever

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