Nonsense v1.1

One day there will come a time when your brain is silent. No words, no thoughts or sounds can invade this quiet mystery that evokes imaginary darkness. The light is plentiful and warm, yet none can effectively enter this space. This silence speaks volumes in time that yet exists.

Is it a diversion or an indication that one may explode if the tiniest of thought preludes the nightmare and screaming of a voice that was once your own? The vocal chords become paralyzed with confusion and the vision is blinded by disappointing rage and energy that surrounds this confrontation of self.

To explain, it would be fruitless and futile. Is this the point where a person becomes suicidal and no experience or situation can clear the fog? Or is it a possible recognizance to keep fighting the invisible fractions that split our neurons? When nothing else matters, do humans just give in and let temptation fuel our exit from earth?

Knowing what remains of the destruction in the heavens, death is viewed as moving forward, but truth is, death is only death in which we all share the same destiny. Considering fate is a simple twist in words, opportunity must give way to choices and paths unknown to us until we step into that moment. What is left of the soul once the body is nothing but a shell of worthless clutter? Once embalmed with toxic waste, the future remains unknown to some, but not to all.

Rotting corpse will feed the soil, yet we are a product of which is taken into our flesh, and poison the purpose of evolutionary recycling. To keep this earth from expiring, we must give back as much as we take and allow our bodies to decay into food for the future generations. Is this a thought to some horror filled fear? Never. It is fact. The earth was made to consume the dead while the spirit re-unites with our heavenly hosts.

Will this make any sense to anyone that might pass through in their wanderings for knowledge? No. Not until you are dead. Really dead and on ice waiting to be filled with chemicals, lying naked on a slab and frozen before the wake. Every organism in every individual must combine or combust.

Today, we combust. Ashes to ashes nuclear winter is coming. And there is only one that will stop this tragic end to our planet. And he is dead to us all. Love for self over powered love for humanity and the Ego and Id went to talk, but the Identity said speak slowly, we have many miles to walk. The pride of man is the downfall of society and family. Take a look around the world, and consider the miles that stretch between the bridges of effigy.

Burn, let it all burn. It is not for you nor I to carry this universe to a next generation of fools. Let them all eat cake, and die. mms


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