Bob Dylan for Joseph Morris

Recently, I (finally) reconnected with Joseph Morris Investigations. The Speculations are worth the Matrix in Gold. How fun can we get into the shit show? Pretty damn Depp.

Bob Dylan © Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts

Fun speculation? Elon had a vasectomy, and her rental baby was dosed with Children’s DimaTapp in grape Koolaid (floating baby pics are from ATX and have been found years ago); and the photographs recently are from inside a prison. Those children are visiting their incarcerated parents in a prison family playground and taken by Whitney, and then herded onward to a bad photo-chop hatchet job. Much like the fact, she can’t stay skinny in prison because she has no alternate road course for medications without proper medical testing to diagnose her sever “baron munchausen” syndrome. One of the children are certainly Whitney’s child, would be the similar age.

Just a few pennies worth of direction. As for her Mother, Paige went on a train trip and ended up in a Rob Zombie ‘Dragula’ situation. Dig through those ditches! Her passport is revoked and she is broke. No mystery the liens on her frozen accounts have left her sister to feed her children from the crumbs off the photo stage and coach sessions. Just some fun factual thoughts about the speculations surrounding the shit show puppet master, and a little hot air beneath her wings.

Amber probably had the gun purchased by one of her “randos” and in turn signed a bill of sale, without proceeding to the waiting room. Her medical would immediately disqualify and red-flag her from purchasing any type of legal fire-arm. As it stands, the laws are clear on full disclosure, and if her testimony said anything, she had been medicated and treated from about 13 different medical and mental disorders.

What happened to her videos on the aeroplane with Lily-Rose Melody? That was a time frame when the bug was placed in the exit door area. No-one checks there anymore. Her tantrum to jump out of the exit door, – sorry, just a bad act from a second rate stripper. In Austin she would stalk John Depp, and the other girls knew. LoveJoys says it all. That was around July 2012. How the digression continues. Anyway… keep up the awesome investigations! Secretly in love with Chester. ❤ Woof!

Let the shit show begin…. go check out some other fun from Joseph and the Corgi Crew!

Of course, this is all just a simulation and speculative in opinion. Besides, Ms. Vanessa and Mr. John Depp, they named their daughter after a few things, but not some fairy ass shit.