May 24, 1987 Jefferson City, Mo

We had just left the FireHouse, a restaurant close by the church. Dinner was excellent. And then Hell opened up as we were walking the town. Headed toward the JC, Mo Capitol, the flames had rooted in the rafters above where my third baptism had taken place. The stained glass shattered. We stood in shock as the fire ball reached the stars. Marty took it as a sign, and indeed, it did yield the re-birth of my planet. The walls of time split. And the word remained untarnished.

Reverend Duke baptized me after the Jesuits released their ransom when I was finally 13. The secrets remain, in a mine in the highest point above the Cedars. The conductors rails tell no lies. Is God Dead? Or did God ever exist? Nice to see a favorite get the attention it deserves Mr. Stroebel (a.k.a.t.m Strobel) – Your case is met with empathy. My copy is old and weary. Resurrection time, Enoch, if you are Listening, Bimini.

First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, 1987 Fire