Simply Stated: Fire Ants can burn in Flame

Bastards decided to attack the same foot as yesterday and include the leg to the knee. Water seems to just piss them off and fuel the rage and intensity of attack. Cannot decide which tribe these bite and never let go attitude arrives from at this point of vantage. I truly now, as of today, hate fire-ants. It is war. On a fun note, Elliot the Cat has stored her kittens in the engine of the Colorado. And they are feral four and fearless. Wonder how many trips the tiny things have traveled, under the hood, through the wood. Not sure how I feel about all this in respect to adaptive therapy. On a personal note, thank-you to the individual throwing marbles in neighbors yard. Stunning! Sharing is caring, Blue Panda.

Fuck Fire Ants. The sting is wicked. But much worse, the tail of the Scorpio Scorned.

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