Please Stand By…

Cease and Desist Order under Penalty of “Stalker Awareness Issues” Threat to Sanctuary to Private Travel or Government Orders. Stand Off F.A.A. Jurisdiction? Human basic rights to safety of life and liberty to pursue happiness and employment in both Military and/or Civilian Sector? Opinions speculate arrest warrant to consider threat to those affected.

Feel Misunderstood

You’re Special. Even with a rabid case of “questionable common sense” fluttering inside that “mental secret garden” from which one wants to dine, rare few feed the soil from those very roots bleeding to give freely what others consume in sinuous and gluttonous patterns. W.T. Fever

Stalking Order

Breaking: This just in, Stephen King to Pen the new Biography of Elon Musk, loosely titled “The Alie’n Twin to I, Enigma. A Bot Love Story.” Speculation surrounds AI Bride Mutations in a Futuristic Frankenstein Night Terror. More updates as news leaks…

Archaic Systematic Punchline

Updated: 10:54 When I say fuck the birds, that isn’t an indication or assumption I hate Twitter. In fact, I love Twitter. All of it, but most importantly, the One real man left on Earth who owns the creative platform of generosity.